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Guest blog from our partner Onapsis, by CEO Mariano Nunez

Why our New Partnership with SAP Establishes Onapsis as the Standard for Mission-Critical Application Cybersecurity and Compliance

Onapsis was founded to protect the mission-critical applications that power the global economy. With SAP customers distributing 78% of the world’s food, 82% of the world’s medical devices and a staggering 77% of the world's transaction revenue touching an SAP system, protecting SAP customers has always been the fundamental role in achieving our mission.

So, today I am very excited to announce a new partnership with SAP that helps all SAP customers protect their business-critical information and processes, and enables them to securely accelerate their journeys to become intelligent enterprises at a much needed time.

Why Onapsis? Relying on the Industry Standard

As one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies, and with hundreds of the largest and most recognized brands in the world already relying on Onapsis to keep their mission-critical applications secure, The Onapsis Platform has become the de-facto standard for SAP customers. Some of our customers include:

This extended partnership builds on more than a decade of strong collaboration to support SAP’s cybersecurity efforts. Our research team, the Onapsis Research Labs, is the leader in finding and helping mitigate zero-day security vulnerabilities in mission-critical applications such as SAP. This unique and proprietary threat intelligence is also automatically incorporated into The Onapsis Platform, giving joint SAP and Onapsis customers a critical advantage to stay protected from current and future threats.

SAP Customers Can Now Accelerate Their Digital Transformations with Confidence

By addressing security and compliance early in transformation initiatives involving cloud, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and DevOps, you can be better prepared to accelerate these projects, ensure success and stay protected.

“We are excited that our customers now have the ability to integrate SAP applications into their cybersecurity and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs with Onapsis.”

- Tim McKnight, SAP’s Chief Security Officer

The Onapsis Platform is now available as an SAP Endorsed app in the SAP App Center, making it easier than ever to ensure your crown jewels are secured. We are also proud to have one of the highest customer satisfaction scores and retention rates in the industry, which is a testament to our commitment in making sure you get maximum value from our technology, research and global support capabilities.

Empowering the SAP Partner Ecosystem

Our established strategic partnerships with several of the world’s leading consulting and audit firms, including Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and PwC, provide customers with a choice in how to adopt The Onapsis Platform, as well as strategic guidance on how to integrate SAP applications into their existing cybersecurity and compliance programs and systems.

This new partnership and endorsement provides further validation that The Onapsis Platform is the right cornerstone for the services and solutions these partners offer to keep SAP systems and mission-critical applications protected and compliant.

I’d like to thank our customers, partners and—especially—our team for making Onapsis the standard in such an important industry. We look forward to kicking off this new partnership with SAP today, and helping even more SAP customers become cyber resilient with Onapsis.

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